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About us

Goood People was born in mid 2018 by Luis and Unai in the midst of a chaos of moving and disorganization. The idea was to develop a joint creative project focused on an alternative fashion with a focus on social protest and the vindication of youth and the working class as the driving force of society. That is why we have always focused on making our products as affordable as possible, always maintaining a certain quality, to approach a young public generally with few resources. 

After more than a year of work and a multitude of designs for T-shirts, tote bags and sweatshirts, we consider ourselves a fairly stable brand within the national panorama. With the resulting growth, Iker joined us to continue advancing with the brand and expand even more, so that we were able to establish ourselves in our first studio located in Bilbao. There, we were able to create both a coworking space with our local colleagues and a physical point of sale. 

One year later, we decided to move to another bigger and more comfortable studio in C/ Padre Larramendi 3, 3º drcha (48012, Bilbao) where you can find us now. As we have already mentioned, the aim of this space is to create a creative environment in which we can contribute to each other and at the same time our clients can come and see us, be with us and see our products. This way we can live the complete experience of Goood People. 

Currently, we design our own products to sell on our website as custom designs for individuals, artists and companies, as well as managing all the production ourselves. We also offer our multidisciplinary space for all kinds of activities such as photo shoots, recordings, events, presentations, etc. as we have the ideal infrastructure to carry them out.




Goood People is a creative project in which we constantly work to adapt to the needs of our clients, always maintaining a specific aesthetic. The benefit we get is fully invested in new clothing and accessories designs and collaborations with different artists (clothes, photo sessions, video clips...). 

It is important to mention that we support 100% the local production, that's why we try to work with companies/individuals from Bilbao and thus manage to help each other. 

Behind this project we are just some guys who are very happy and satisfied with what we have achieved, especially because we feel that all our clients feel the same way. And we hope that it will continue to be so.

We also have clear values of respect for the environment, which is why we are constantly seeking to improve our environmental policies and minimise our impact. 

This is why we are making a progressive change in the manufacture of our products, so that we offer garments made from organic cotton instead of normal cotton. This organic cotton is a natural fibre, grown without GMOs, which requires much less water consumption than conventional cotton. Furthermore, its production does not require chemicals (no fertilizers or pesticides) and favours crop rotation to maintain healthier, more fertile and more humid soils. The waste generated by cotton ginning is recycled for other uses. 

This brand is backed by many seals and organisations that guarantee respect for the environment and workers' working conditions at all stages of production.



Returns and exchanges

If you wish to make a change, please contact us by e-mail. 

The shipping costs generated by the change will be paid by the customer. 

The brand is not responsible for the damages that can be generated by the bad use, the bad washing of the clothes or the cuts made when opening the packages.

We do NOT accept returns but we do accept product exchanges.

All products that are on sale or belong to offers can NOT be returned or exchanged. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Sending the package

We offer national shipping (Spain) by post which takes between 2-5 working days, depending on distance, with a tracking number and two delivery attempts. Shipments are made every Thursday at 3.00 p.m.

If you are from outside Spain and want to receive an order, please contact us and we will take care of sending it. 




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