ACAB Ceramic vase | goood people

ACAB Ceramic vase

75.00 On Sale

Limited edition of 5 und.

Colour: White-Red-Navy blue
Handmade artisan ceramics*
@muzs.i x @thegooodpeople

Muzsi is the artistic project developed by Pilar Muzsi. A project that has its most visible face in ceramics but in which other arts such as painting, cinema, photography and design converge.

On this fifth anniversary of the brand it has been very special to bring one of the main and most iconic designs of The Goood People to a unique and limited edition ceramic piece. To complete this capsule we decided to bring together the spirit of the two brands in a product that contains something very "Muzsi" with something very "Goood People".

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* As they are handmade pieces, they have irregularities that make them special and different. They are unique pieces, no two are alike although they may seem so. They are made with resistant and durable materials, but they will always appreciate your pampering and care. They can be used for food use as they do not contain toxic materials.

Materials: White earthenware, glossy transparent enamel, ceramic decal.

Measurements: 27,5x13,5x4,5 cm.

Three baking processes.